Have you ever tried parking in London? Not just London but central London in particular, it’s a nightmare. Parking in WC1 is exactly the same and if there are parking spaces they usually come at a premium. So what to do?

Transport into London is no longer a cheap option, if coming in from Greater London, Essex or Kent it can often be cheaper to come in by car and under your own steam.

The only problem then of course is the congestion charge and finding somewhere to park every day without fail, you can’t drive around all morning when you should be in the office.

Alternative Car Parking In WC1

There are several secure parking facilities that offer car parking in WC1 however there is another fantastic and cheaper option that has been running for a few years now. Why pay £25 a day for parking in WC1 at a business car park when you can park on private land and the home of someone else from £8 a day? Well now you can.

With the Park At My House Scheme you can rent directly with home owners a parking space in WC1 on a short or long term contract, leaving you in no doubt where to park when you drive into town of a morning. True, the £25 and £30 parking in WC1 is usually fully secure but check out privately owned car parking space in WC1 and consider the comparison.

Disabled Parking In WC1 With The Blue Badge Scheme

There is general parking at Brunswick Centre, Marchmont Street, Museum Street WC1, off High Holborn and Russell Court, Coram Street for the great majority.

For Blue Badge Scheme holders and those with a severe disability there is also Adeline Place, Coram Street, Bedford Way, Herbrand Street, Judd Street, Marchmont Street, Museum Street which are all run by National Car Parks with Russell Square by Imperial hotel and Southampton Row by Bedford Hotel.

Rent a Parking Space or garage with ParkatmyHouse


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